A Case Study of Matt Rife’s World Tour: The Power of Anticipation in Affiliate Marketing:

3 min readJun 8, 2023


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Comedian and TikTok personality Matt Rife recently announced his ambitious ‘ProbleMATTic World Tour.’ The anticipation and hype created by this announcement led to a frenzy during ticket sales, with fans flooding the site in hopes of securing their seats​1​. This event provides an intriguing case study for affiliate marketers. Let’s explore how the concept of anticipation can be applied to affiliate marketing.

The Power of Anticipation

Anticipation is a powerful psychological tool in the marketer’s arsenal. It’s the sense of excitement or anxiety in expectation of a certain event. Marketers often use anticipation to influence consumer behavior, sparking interest and creating a sense of urgency around product launches or limited-time offers. The result? Increased engagement, higher demand, and potentially, more sales.

The Role of Anticipation in Matt Rife’s World Tour

The anticipation generated by the announcement of Matt Rife’s world tour was palpable. With just 24 hours to prepare for the pre-sale, fans eagerly awaited the opportunity to score tickets to his upcoming shows. The result was a ticketing frenzy with thousands trying to purchase tickets, leading to high demand and, unfortunately, some frustration due to the ticketing system’s flaws​1​.

Applying Anticipation to Affiliate Marketing

So, how can affiliate marketers tap into the power of anticipation? The answer lies in the strategic promotion of products or offers. Affiliate marketers can generate anticipation through pre-launch content, sneak peeks, email marketing campaigns, and limited-time offers. However, it’s crucial to have a well-planned strategy to handle the demand generated by the anticipation, to prevent user frustration or a poor customer experience.

Lessons Learned from Matt Rife’s World Tour

Matt Rife’s world tour offers valuable lessons for affiliate marketers. The anticipation generated by the tour announcement undeniably drove demand for tickets. However, the execution — the ticketing process — left some fans frustrated. The takeaway for affiliate marketers? While creating anticipation is key, it’s equally important to ensure a smooth customer experience once the product or service is available. The anticipation can quickly turn into disappointment if the customer’s experience doesn’t match their expectations​1​.

Wrap Up

The power of anticipation in driving customer behavior is undeniable, and its potential when applied in affiliate marketing is immense. By creating a sense of anticipation, affiliate marketers can increase engagement and demand for their offers. However, it’s important to match this with a seamless customer experience. As you venture into your next affiliate marketing campaign, consider how you might generate anticipation, but also, how you’ll meet the expectations that come with it. Happy marketing!

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